Genealogy Research

Many club members have an interest in researching their family roots. This page contains some useful information related to genealogy research that might be of interest to members of the club.

Villages of Our Members

Village Family Names
  • Brenner
  • Herbert
  • Mattes
  • Dickmann
  • Gauss
  • Hoenisch
  • Mattes
  • Pohl
  • Jung
  • Kraus
  • Gauder
  • Wittner

We would like to continue to build up this list and maintain it to preserve the history of our club. If you have any additions or corrections, please send them to

Member Stories

We welcome you to submit stories about your ancestry to be featured on the Member Stories page of our web site or in our club newsletter. Please contact for more information or to submit a story.

Organizations and Resources

Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands

Trenton Donauschwaben Genealogy Page