The Danube Swabian Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity was formed in 1957 by ethnic-German immigrants from current day Hungary, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia. Ethnic Germans were sent by Queen Maria Theresia of the Austrian Hungarian Empire to work in these lands during the 1700s. This part of Europe was often referred to as "Europe's Bread Basket," and Germans, primarily those from the "Schwaben" section of Germany (near Stuttgart and Ulm) were asked to relocate, as they were skilled farmers.

After World War II, these nations became satellite nations of the U.S.S.R. and the ethnic Germans (the Donaushwaben or Danube Swabians) were forcibly relocated, losing all property and rights within their former homelands.

As a result, many Donaushwabens found their way to the United States and Canada, where numerous clubs now exist. They serve local population as a center for culture, sport and social clubs. The Danube Swabian Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity is a member of the National Association of Danube Swabians.

Village Information

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A map of the Danubia region.